Euro-Locks partner with ARAGON Group

Euro-Locks partner with ARAGON Group

10 Nov 2016

Euro-Locks are pleased to announce their partnership with ARAGON Group on a new lockable handle for trailer removable fasteners.

Unveiled at the 2016 Automechanika exhibition in Frankfort, this ergonomic and pure designed handle is manufactured by EURO-LOCKS France to comply with rigorous use and security requirements.

ARAGON Group is a well-known pioneer and innovative in the Automotive market. Eric Borgondo, Managing Director of Euro-Locks SA, commented ‘This innovation is the beginning of a long and successful collaboration’.

For further information on the new handle or to dicsuss your requirements please contact us on +33 (0) 387 926 111.

Picture : M Fernando Benito Monreal, ARAGON Managing Director  and M Manuel Arenas-Prada, EURO-LOCKS France Export salesman at the Frankfort exhibition

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