Access Code Managed Solutions

The Access Code Managed system from Lowe & Fletcher and Euro-Locks is a simple and secure way to remotely manage access without the need to be on site.

All that’s required to unlock a compartment is a simple code generated on our secure website. No need to handle keys. No need for on-site reprogramming. No need for a supervisor to be there in person.

Managing your locks couldn’t be easier too. An intuitive web-based system helps site managers see at a glance which locks are free and ready to be allocated to new users. You can even use the same system to manage multiple sites, simply and conveniently, all from one place.

For further information or to book a demonstration please contact us at Access Code Managed Solutions Enquiries.

How it works


On ordering, a customer account is set up with a unique log-on to the RAS lock management website


The locks are registered on the system by Euro-Locks


The customer can then use the website to remotely manage the individual lock access


Depending on lock choice, a broad range of additional features are available, from a simple code change to more sophisticated real-time functions and payment systems


Real-Time Clock (RTC)

The lock keeps track of the time and date, while activation codes allow the lock to be used for a chosen period of time. This makes it ideal for booking applications where the lock should prevent further use after the reserved period has expired. This option is only available with the Horizon Digital Lock.

  • Day Mode: An activation code allows the lock to be used for a 24-hour period – the code is date generated and changes every day.
  • Start/Stop Time Mode: For finer control, start-end times for the booking are chosen on the RAS website and a code is generated which gives access only between these times.

User Booking and Payment Site

For those who would rather let their users reserve a locker personally and pay for their booking.

  • Each bank of locks is set up with a mobile-friendly booking page which is accessed by users in advance, or by scanning a QR code on arrival
  • The manager sets payment levels (if any) for each bank of locks
  • After users have booked, the site sends them their access code
  • The booking system can be embedded directly into any existing company website for a seamless user experience

Website Interface (API)

The web API allows your business’s website or app to generate lock codes directly from our secure server.

  • Generate user codes from your own website, with no need to visit our main RAS site
  • Create a unique interface tailored exactly for your business model, with RAS technology working in the background

Best suited applications


Open up new income streams using the RAS rental system. You can rent out your lockers – either in person or online – and take payment directly through the website.

Personal Lockers

RAS takes the headache out of administering personal lockers on a large site. To transfer a locker to a new user, simply generate a new code and email it directly to them. When this code is used, the previous code will be erased.


Imagine if every term there was no need to manually reset the code on the students’ lockers. The RAS website can send students their new locker number and code and take payment if required.

Parcel and Drop-off

Simplify security at handover lockers. Place the item and generate a code for the recipient to open the locker. When the next item is placed, the previous recipient’s code will stop working.


RAS is a very cost-effective way to grant and track access to controlled equipment. When on location, the technician scans the QR code, books access and directly gets a single use code. Everything is logged online for easy review.


Remote Code Generation

The code for the next user is generated using the RAS website.

  • Grant access without needing local staff
  • No need to manually reset locks after each user

Offline Operation

Locks do not require an internet connection.

  • Remote management benefits without expensive network hardware
  • Avoid complex networking and connection issues

Website Management

Schedule bookings and email users their codes.

  • Speed up the new user process and reduce errors
  • RAS is ready to go, no need to develop custom booking systems

Compatible with these locks



With a solid zinc alloy housing, ten-digit keypad, multiple fixing points and a secure key override as standard, the Zenith keypad electronic lock is the perfect choice.

Standard features include:

  • Management override key
  • Surface mount and flush fitting options
  • Wet area, slamlock and ADA compliant versions also available



A premium, completely flat-flush lock with advanced features and an ultra-modern look and feel.

Standard features include:

  • Secure pop-out turn handle (flush when locked) with coloured indicator ring
  • Management override key
  • Surface mounted, RFID and RTC versions also available



The next generation of digital combination locks includes a membrane touch keypad, while the illuminated ‘halo’ around the logo button signals button presses and operations on the lock.

Standard features include:

  • Slimline design in both surface and semi-flush fitting
  • Management override key
  • Wet area and RFID versions also available



A small, easy to use electronic lock with a small footprint and multiple fixing points.

Standard features include:

  • Management override key
  • Surface mount and flush fitting options
  • Simple, quick fixing