Wet Area Coinlock F750

Wet Area Coinlock F750

A coin operated lock F750 with a sliding bolt. These locks are simple and easy to use and have been designed to secure personal belongings and valuables.

The F750 lock is fully wet area tested and is suitable for wet and chlorinated atmospheres such as swimming pools, gyms, fitness centres and spas.

The lock can be operated with a wide range of coins or tokens, encouraging users to return their key.

Available in left and right orientation, the lock is available with a removable barrel and master key as standard. 

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Código de producto Series de llaves Combinaciones Espesor máximo de panel Cilindro Ambiente Húmedo Acabado Solicitar
F750 2000 M 2000 18 Cilindro extraíble Yes Negro Solicitar
  • Standard finish: Front plate black powder coat for wet area
  • Maximum panel thickness: 18mm
  • Coin size: Customer selectable – Ø20mm to Ø30mm max, 3.2mm max thickness
  • Accessories: Coin tray as standard
  • Removable cylinder and mastered as standard